Black Dichroic Glass Pack (COE 96) - 4 oz. Bag

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Dichroic glass adds sparkle, dimension, pattern and pizzazz to your fused glass project. It's perfect for use in jewelry, ornaments, suncatchers and any other fused glass projects you want to visually "pop"! This 96 compatible dichroic glass can be used with confidence with all other members of the COE 96 and System 96® families. All dichroic glass scrap is cuts from top quality sheets of 96 compatible fusible glass. Order often as all packages are assorted and thus slightly different.  There will be variations of size, color, texture, and overall shape from package to package. Please Note: These photos are merely a representation, and you may not receive exactly what is shown in the photos. Sold in 4 ounce packages.

Black Dichroic Glass Pack (COE 96) for Fused Glass

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