Studio Pro Finishing Compound

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Use Studio Pro Finishing Compound to create a shiny and durable finish on the solder seams of your stained glass projects. Studio Pro Finishing Compound polishes and protects against tarnish for a professional finish, brilliant shine and restores shine to tarnished finishes. Sold in 12 ounce bottle.

 For a professional finish on your solder seams:

1.       After soldering, wash off flux residue

2.       Brush solder seams with steel wool to remove oxidation. Brush or vacuum off steel wool dust.

3.       If desired, apply Studio Pro Patina or electroplating. Wipe dry. (no need to remove patina residue from glass)

4.       Apply Finishing Compound with a soft cloth. Spread a thin coat evenly over glass and metal. Rub lightly along seams to ensure a bright, even finish. Let dry to haze and buff to a high shine. A heat lamp may be helpful for drying in extremely humid or cold weather.

To restore the shine to tarnished finishes:

Apply Finishing Compound onto a cloth and rub along tarnished seams until desired shine is achieved. Let dry to a haze and buff.

Stained Glass Finishing Compound

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