Skutt FireBox 8X4LT Kiln with Glassmaster LT Controller

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Beginners to Advanced Artist will love this kiln! The FireBox 8X4LT is the perfect medium kiln for Glass Fusing, Precious Metal Clay, Ceramics, Enameling, and more. It plugs into any standard 15 Amp household outlet and is compact in size so you can fire it up almost anywhere. Includes 7” x 7” shelf and feet. It has all of the features all of FireBox 8, but with the added convenience of a temperature controller, allowing you to “set it and forget it” and never misfire again.

This thing is FAST! You can always fire slower but if you need to go fast this kiln reaches Glass Fusing temperatures in less than 20 minutes. This thing is ACCURATE! The easy to read digital pyrometer allows you to know exactly what temperature the kiln is and if the temperature is going up or down making holding at specific temperatures much easier. This thing is SAFE! Unlike other kilns of its size, it has a hinged lid so you do not have to worry about where to put the hot lid when you want to work inside the kiln. The lid opens over 90 degrees so it is out of your way when loading or working inside the kiln and the kiln is buckled to the base of the kiln so it can't slip off. This thing is EASY TO USE! Using the wooden handle, the lid can be opened with one un-gloved hand. This thing is VERSATILE! The 2000º F rating makes it capable of firing a wide variety of materials, including ceramics. You can load it through the top or unbuckle the body from the floor, assemble your work, and place the kiln back over the shelf and onto the slab. This thing is PORTABLE! This easy to handle, lightweight kiln is extremely easy to re-position and carry. Includes 7” x 7” kiln shelf and feet.

SPECIAL ORDER ONLY  - allow approximately 3 to 4 weeks for factory production & delivery. Ships via freight/truck, FedEx & UPS - contact us at 855-405-3747 for ordering information and freight quotation.

Kiln for Fused Glass - Skutt Fire Box 8X4LT

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