"Luminescent" Iridized Crystal Transparent COE 96 (LUM 96-01-8) - 8" x 12"

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"Luminescent" Iridized Crystal Transparent COE 96 is a clear transparent, smooth rolled glass designed for fusing, but affordably priced for use in stained glass and mosaics. The luminescent coating imparts a shimmering, metallic splash of colors that dance in the light. The slight matte finish fires smooth at temperatures over 1325 F. For stained glass or mosaics, the rustic surface quality makes it perfect for rendering icy landscapes and when you want to create white shimmery elements in your work.  All Wissmach colors features a rustic, "old-world" shimmery surface, ease of cut-ability and Wissmach's legendary marriage of quality and affordability. Fusers please note: although luminescent glass is similar to iridized glass, it does behave differently in the kiln. Special handling and firing is required to retain the luminescent coating. Please click here for an in-depth tutorial in fusing with Wissmach Luminescent glass.

Sold online in 12" x 12", 8" x 12" and 6" x 12" sheets. Larger sheets may be available in-store.



"Luminescent" Iridized Crystal Transparent  COE 96 (LUM 96-01-8) - 8" x 12"

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