Iridized Clear Transparent - System 96 Fusible - 12" x 12" Sheet

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Iridized Clear Cathedral System 96 Fusible at National Stained Glass. Over 300 variety of colors, textures and styles of stained glass online and in-store. Fast and friendly service.

Iridized clear cathedral is coated with a thin layer of metallic crystal during sheet forming, creating a colorful, shimmering surface effect likened to a "mother of pearl" finish. This special coating is specifically designed to resist burning off in the high temperatures of the kiln.

System 96® is a broad family of "Tested Compatible" glass specifically designed for fusers and other hot glass enthusiasts. Suitable for blowing, fusing, casting, flamework and more, System 96® is a partnership of independent companies who test their products to an identical standard to assure their compatibility. The System 96® product line includes sheet glass, glass frits, noodles, stringers, dichroic glass and casting materials.

Sold in 12" x 12" sheets. Larger sheets are available in our stores.

Iridized Clear Transparent System 96 Fusible Glass

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