"Canary" - Bright Yellow and Opal (2D-6) - 6" x 12" Sheet

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"Canary" - Bright Yellow and Opal is a dense, canary yellow opalescent glass. This color is suitable for projects where a bold, splash of cheerfulness is needed. However, the color intensity changes with the light. In low light conditions the glass appears more muted. In bright, direct sunlight the glass pops to its full and joyful color. The glass is hand-mixed, so every sheet is different giving the artist and hobbyist limitless possibilities. All Wissmach colors features a rustic, "old-world" shimmery surface, ease of cut-ability and Wissmach's legendary marriage of quality and affordability.

Sold online in 12" x 12", 8" x 12" and 6" x 12" sheets. Larger sheets may be available in-store.

"Canary" - Bright Yellow and Opal

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